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[Conflict Minerals Policy]

EPTech (included all of overseas branches) prohibit the use of 3TG(Tantalum, Tin, Gold, Tungsten)   from troubled regions such as Democratic Republic of the Congo.


Dodd-Frank Rule prevents the influx of funding from conflict mineral sales to the armed forces, also it provide that American stock market listed companies submit conflict mineral usage report to be .transparent about conflict minerals distribution.


2. Stance

We don’t have an obligation above rule, however as a global organization, we ban the use of 3TG from troubled regions to fulfill our responsibility.


3. Activities

To prevent flow of conflict minerals to our process and the final product, we’re in following activities.

- We recommend partners to transact with CFS certified smelters.

- We’re monitoring our supply chain by yearly research on conflict mineral.

- We take an immediate remedial action with partners about problems.


4. Request

We ask all of our partners for your active participation in our stance and activities about conflict minerals. 



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